Every miner is always looking for ways to increase their income from their miners.

A couple of days ago, the Nicehash pool significantly increased its payouts. They pay several times more than other pools. We assume they need the power to mine a specific coin.

Nicehash is a pool that can mine any coin, and it pays back in bitcoins. It’s pretty simple. You choose your algorithm and turn on your miner. Nicehash software will then automatically select the coin your miner will mine and reward you in Bitcoin. Let’s say you have a Bitmain Antminer L3++ that mines only Litecoin(LTC). If you connect that miner to the NishHash pool, you’ll mine Litecoin but still earn Bitcoins.

We calculated the yield using the calculator on the Whattomine website on Bitmain’s Antminer S9 14t. The yield was $1.55 on Bitmain’s Antiminer T17 40t – $4, Bitmain’s Antiminer S17 50t – $5.5, and Bitmain’s Antiminer S17+ 73t has a daily yield of $8.

Now let’s compare it with the yield that Nicehash showed us today.

On Bitmain’s Antminer S9 14t – $5, on Bitmain’s Antiminer T17 40t – $14, Bitmain’s Antiminer S17 50t – $17, and Bitmain’s Antiminer S17+ 73t has a daily yield of $25.

Near noon yesterday, we switched some of our miners to the Nicehash pool to check if the yields Nicehash reported were correct. The yields were 2 times higher than those on the BTC pool, not 3 times higher as stated on the Nicehash calculator. Still, 2 times higher yield means 100% more profit.

Nicehash had a problem once that made miners lose trust. In 2017, when they got hacked, all of their users’ bitcoins were gone. We’re still using their pool, but fearing it can happen again, we manually withdraw out bitcoins as soon as a significant amount accumulates.

With our 33 miners (7 Bitmains’ Antminers S17 73TH and 26 Bitmains’ Antminers T17 40-42TH) connected to the Nicehash pool, the Nicehash calculator shows us a yield of $532. With the BTC pool, we were getting no more than $190-$200. Within a couple of hours of working on the Nicehash pool, we’ve got $40.80

We don’t know what Nicehash is currently mining with the SHA-256 algorithm, but I don’t think Nicehash will keep giving such high yields long-term.

We recommend switching the pools when you find opportunities such as these to double or triple your profit, even for a couple of days or weeks. It’s like having x2 or x3 times more miners working.